Merchant Account Services

Retail / Swiped Merchant Accounts

A retail merchant account is where the merchant is planning on swiping through a credit card machine, at least 80% of their credit card sales. This type of merchant account has the lowest processing costs associated with it.

Mail Order Merchant Accounts

A mail order or keyed merchant account, is where the merchant is planning on keying in the majority of their credit card transactions. The merchant can key transactions into a standard credit card terminal, or they can key their transactions into an online virtual terminal. This type of credit card processing has a slightly higher cost than a swiped merchant account because the customers card is not necessarily present at the time of sale. This is assessed as a higher security risk because the merchant cannot verify that the credit card belongs to the customer that they are taking the card from.

Internet and Ecommerce Merchant Accounts

An internet merchant account, is where the merchant processes their credit card transactions through an online virtual terminal or internet gateway. There is a higher security risk associated with an internet merchant account, therefore there are higher processing costs with this type of merchant account. The merchant has the option of integrating an online payment system with their website, which is called a payment gateway, or by manually keying in a transaction through an online virtual terminal.

Wireless Merchant Accounts

A wireless merchant account, is where the credit card transactions are keyed into a wireless credit card machine. The wireless credit card machine processes the transaction over a wireless cellular network for instant approval at virtually location. The wireless credit card machine will also store a transaction if the machine does not have cellular coverage Mina particular area. A wireless merchant account qualifies for the same swiped processing rate that a retail merchant account qualifies for. There are also additional fee's for the cellular service that the wireless credit card machine needs to operate.

Non Profit Processing